Thursday, April 21, 2011

confessions of a mid-20s metal mouth

welp, it's official:

i'm a braceface again! as if i didn't have enough trouble convincing people i'm not 15 years old. hrmm.

what's that you say? i already have pretty teeth?
yes, it appears so....

the truth is ... the bottom teeth are playing a crooked little game behind the scenes.
and thos dastardly lower pearls were starting to move my top teeth.
and i will NOT be having a crooked grill. no no no.

so it was either braces now for 8 months (fingers crossed they live up to that optimistic prognosis) or a crooked grill within a few short years.

so yes thank you ... i've accepted this necessary phase in my life. a means to an end, mis amigos.

and you won't see this girl hiding her teeth or offering closed-lipped smiles for photos.
i plan to OWN my latest accessory.
i'll make them braces look goooood.

and a big thanks to Tipton Orthodontics for getting the job done! ...and for offering to find me a husband. Feel like family when i'm with those people, i tell ya....

now i'm off to start blending all my solid foods, because chewing isn't high on my skill list today...

1 comment:

Kami said...

That's right. Work that mouth of metal! Adam and I are going to undergo some teeth straightening ourselves soon here. It will be worth it..!