Friday, April 22, 2011

i'm not bitter, i promise

the truth is, i really love wedding receptions. (remember how i've been a bridesmaid an unsually high # of times??)

with my long, impressive resume of wedding-related experience, i can even put up with that oh-so-appealing moment when the DJ calls for all the single ladies in the room to gather up front for the infamous bouquet toss.

i guess i don't mind being paraded if it'll get the job done.
(i.e., make sure any groomsmen i've been eyeing are aware of the available space on my left ring finger.)

so yeah, i don't hate wedding receptions and their shenanigans in the least.
which is why it was so amusing when i spied myself in the following photo from a friend's wedding reception:

yep, that's me in the back. hand on my hip. expression of bemused disdain.
so what came over me?

i like to think it's because i've already achieved alumni status from this particular tradition, because i pulled out all the stops, called upon my frisbee-grabbing skills, and snagged the prize at this bestie's reception last year:

see? that's better.

but, i like to think i'm allowed to honorably withdraw myself from here on out so other girls have their chance.
(but i'll try and keep the "bitter" body language to a minimum, lest i misrepresent myself.)


Myke said...

For as many times as I've been a groomsman I think I should be able to withdraw from the garter toss as well.

Alissa Short said...

I have also had several good laughs at this pic :) The obligatory standing with single underage girls....