Sunday, April 17, 2011

notable convos & a virtual DTR

( that really how you spell notable? i would've gone for noteable. otherwise it reads as "not"able. which totally affects my sentence.)

in any case. a couple of those however-you-wanna-spell-it- convos occurred recently:

[topic: her grad school interview]
she: i think it went pretty well. they were very nice. i have no idea if i'll get in or not but i gave it my best shot :) plus my outfit was great so i cant complain.
me: um yeah they better take that into consideration! i bet they loved you. and if can be MY therapist.
she: haha thank you!
me: you can even pay me tuition and i will draw u a diploma. with crayons. i charge extra for glitter.
she: how much extra?
me: i can't tell you that. it will just mysteriously be charged to ur account at a very inconvenient time.
she: hahaha are you also secretly my landlord?
me: of course not. btw, i'm going to be wandering europe next month, so if/when anything explodes or catches fire...good luck with that.
[it's funnier if you live in our apartment....or maybe you can give us a pity laugh anyway...]

other note/notable convo:
blog: um katie....? hello?
me: oh...oh hey! how's it going?
blog: i think we need to chat
me: ah ok...what's troubling your pretty little head?
blog: well, it's just that you've been neglecting me lately. we had a really great daily routine there for awhile, all consistent and committed. but then it was like you just dropped me, and i can't help there someone/thing else??
me: umm...there were's not you, it's me....
blog: no really, what's with all the short, once-or-twice-per-week posts? embedding videos doesn't take any thought, btw. And this post right here? what are you even rambling about? people are going to stop reading me if you keep this up. i have options, you know. i deserve better.
me: no no no...i have big plans for you and i!! big plans....lists of things to write about...lists, i tell you! and intentions are what matters most, right?


me:'ll call you?

don't ask, i have no idea.

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