Friday, April 8, 2011

i've got my hairspray & radio

the first thing that 91.2% of my long-lost utah friends said to me last weekend was, "your HAIR is so LONG!"

yes ... it appears to be getting that way. (but still, never long enough. i am never pleased. maybe when it reaches my knee-pits and a friend kindly signs me up for an oprah makeover, i'll stop imagining it to be perpetually shorter than i want it to be.)

fact: i love it when my hair is long. love love love it!
other fact: i might not be ladylike enough to handle it.

mostly because whatever i eat seems to end up in my hair. there was that one time i showed up to a church function after (so-i-thought) successfully eating tacos in my car (does anyone else feel like they eat the majority of their meals while driving? i sure do.) anyway i was all proud of myself for not spilling anything on my shirt ... when a friend kindly pointed out, "um, i think you have taco shell in your hair..."


i feel a certain kinship with men with beards. and it's no secret that i'm always looking for a reason to connect w/ bearded men. shrug.

in any case, ima just stick with this advice i found on a lovely little tumblr i follow:
(it probably refers to some trendy-sexy-windblown-teased-up-carefully-unkempt hairstyle, not getting food caught in your hair. or your hair getting caught in the seatbelt. or stuck to a fresh application of lip gloss.
ohhhh well.)


Nichole said...

Indeed...Long hair is only fun for a time. I hated getting food stuck in it, in my food, in my lip gloss, all over anyone I try to hug. So you'll find yourself in a few months when it becomes 1 BILLION degrees and summer time, cutting it all off.

katilda said...

never! if it's short then i can't get it OFF my neck. at least with long hair i have options, yes? besides, boys like food...shouldn't they find that haircessory attractive? (i think i just made up a new, hipster word.)

Brittany Sorensen said...

Haha. I have the opposite problem - I keep forgetting that I chopped all my hair off. This poses multiple problems: I squeeze myself a handful of shampoo only to realize too late that I only needed a fifth of what I just plopped on my head; I try to pull my hair back into a pony tail and my hair just falls right back into place; I bought a bunch of adorable headbands and hair accessories that would look really fantastic with long hair - but now I have to wait until it grows out. Believe me, I miss the taco-shell-in-my-hair days. Actually, that's a lie; the taco shell never happened. Globs of rice, however, did. That's what I get for trying to show off my ah-ma-zing chopstick skillz.

Alissa Short said...

The worst is when long hair gets stuck in your armpit! Really gross during the summer. A pony tail must always be a possibility. I have mastered numerous versions of the bun... Good luck deciding!

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