Monday, April 25, 2011

mary kate, ashley & the oil crisis

email convo with the kels.
yeah, we're like 13 years old.
and quite possibly delusional.

[topic of discussion: ridiculous gas prices]
me: let's go drill that Alaskan oil ourselves. it can be our new job!

kels: Do you know how much fun that would be?! Besides becoming filthy rich - we could play in dirt and oil all day! It'd be like mud football every day. I feel like this plot is a lot like an Olsen twins movie...

me: hahaha "the Olsen twins' fashion and movie empire fortune is siphoned away by bob saget's mafia ties and they resort to hard labor....oh and hook up with a couple hot driller guys."

kels: What is the name of this movie and where can I buy it.

me: well we have to make it first.....minor detail.

kels: I have a tendency to jump the gun. I CALL I'M ASHLEY!!!

me: how the hamn do you even know the difference between them? p.s. i get the driller with the aussie accent

kels: Hamnit. Good call. Touche. I guess that leaves me with the native Alaskan. Hamnit. Hamnit all.

me: no, that just means your igloo will be better than mine. My boyfriend is going to freeze to death trying to save my life and then i'll get rescued by the life boat and become a lonely old woman telling stories about boats and blue necklaces. But no nudist paintings, i draw the line. This plotline is starting to sound familiar.

kels: Prude. And then you'll get a dog and name him Charlie. He'll die but he'll come back to earth and save the day and rescue an adorable little girl. Are you kidding? Our plotlines are completely original.

me: you're right, totes original. we better invite 11 of the hottest actors we can think of and they can pull off some elaborate heist at a casino...just to make sure our plotline is 100% unique.

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