Wednesday, August 31, 2011

well, i chose a pig

the other day, my friend j. allen asked me a most intriguing question:

"if you could pick any pet, what would it be and why?"

my answer:

a pig
because they're low-maintenance
and friendly
and make me feel nostalgic


ok now you have to answer

then you're allowed to scroll down
[crap, my blog just started feeling like an old-school email forward. i pinky swear i won't curse you with haunted fairies or the bubonic plague or anything if you don't play along.]

ok scrolling now...
 j. allen revealed to me that this test can be used to predict what someone is seeking in a spouse

i stand by my swinely selection
low maintenance? friendly? good memories? check check check
[pigs are also highly intelligent, somewhat quirky and very willing to play in the mud and try new and different foods. can you say bonus?!]

what about you?
did your selection fit the bill?
[if you chose a duck then i totes just made the best pun everrrrr]

j. allen believes she switches in dating between baboons and panthers, so she affectionately refers to this little quiz as the "panthoon" test.
there are few things i love more than a good made-up word [e.g. "swinely"]


Myke said...

Growing up our neighbors across the street had a pet pig. Then one year we brought it to scout camp and ate it.

Jonathan said...

True story. Pig's make awesome pets cuz they're all those things you mentioned, and then they grow up and aren't any of those things, so you make a meal of it! Mmmm hmm.

The Ballard Family said...

Yeah, so I always wanted a tortoise. Upon searching, these are some tidbits I found about them as pets:
They can make an interesting pet though they might provide a challenge due to size and dietary requirements.
Many species are fairly large and need a decent sized enclosure preferably outdoors.
Some species need to hibernate.
Some species may live a very long time, which means you must be willing to provide a lifetime of care and consider that your pet may even outlive you.
Some species are quite aggressive and if males are left with other males, fighting will result.
Trying to climb steps or other obstacles may result in them tipping onto their backs, causing their untimely death.

So...yeah...the outdoors and lifetime of care, plus dietary needs kind of fit the I guess I better start paying attention to bringing any other males around and perhaps look for a house without stairs.

Katie Lee said...

I chose duck! Its like you know me! I like my pets and boos cute and fluffy. Yup only fluffy men for me.

Emma Frances said...

This is funny. I have no idea what pet I would choose. I've always kind of wanted a turtle. And then I learned about these cool things called sugar gliders that would be fun. But mostly I think I'd be boring and want a dog. I like big dogs though. Especially the big, cute ones that know how to say I love you. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have one...I think he's a malamute {sp?} and he is the coolest. dog. ever!

Katie said...

Hahaha. Oh my dear Katie.

I would choose dog. Because they are just SO happy to be with you ALL THE TIME. And they like the outdoors and exercise. And they have a sense of humor. Win win win.

Also, yesterday in one of my classes, we were playing a get-to-know-you game (yuck) in which we had to say our names and the animal we identified with (double yuck) and then go through everybody in the class's name and animal (yuck^3). My classes are so academic.

Ash said...

I want a pig so stinking bad.