Tuesday, August 9, 2011

polaroid moments (1)

i've decided to be cool like those people with shmancy phones
who takes pictures of everrrrrything
and then give readers a snapshot of their lives

via my crappy, unshmancy dumbphone...
some insight into the last week of my life:

heidi hair
[stop looking at the dark circles under my eyes. stop it now.]

i love you, arizona.
[this was much cooler in real life. it was like a fire-orange sun melting out of the sky...in the middle of a lightning storm. pretty much amazing.]

a final, motivational gift from my departing roommate

yum yum....yum! finally made it to the grocery store. 

my motivation to get into my car last monday morning 

a surprise morning gift from mi papa!

just doing a little post-wedding shopping, that's all...

and why not end with more pictures of my hair?
because, apparently, i take a lot of pictures of my tresses.
i'll try and be less narcissistic next week...
it was a wedding, ok?
...oh now i'm all embarrassedface.


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