Wednesday, August 10, 2011

me, elsewhere

you know when you do something normal in a new situation and then it's more fun?
i don't know, eating a corn dog.
see now, i always love eating corn dogs
[a hot dog in a delicious sweater! mmmboy]
but one time i ate a corn dog on the beach
in oceanside, calif. w/ my besties
and the sun was setting
and at one point i had my hoodie pulled up over my head
[what is it about hoodies that make me so dizzarn happy?]
and my toes in the sand
and well...
that's probably the best corn dog i've ever had.

[let's not focus on how utterly special we each look in this photograph.]

that corn dog is kind of like guest blogging.
[just pretend my analogy is totes and nod, kids. smile and nod.]

i know you get to hear from me every day,
but today i'm somewhere new and different!

[remember that other time i guest blogged, for someone i didn't even know? that was fun...and i've actually met her in person now. good bloggin' times.]

my dearest lovemuffin miss chantalion wrote THE NICEST BLOG EVER about little ol' me last week
you should probably check that out too
it makes me cry.
gee i love her!


Myke said...

The best corn dog I ever had was at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival this summer. While I was in the company of good friends in a wonderfully scenic setting with great music, it really was just an awesome corn dog.

karajean said...

I've gust blogged a few times, nad I really like it, but it usually stresses me out! Like a corn dog on the beach, getting covered with sand?

OK... pretend I didn't say that. Please.

Willy in Chile said...

Who is that hideous corn-dog chomper?

What a fun trip. I re-play it often. Mainly because your escape to Cali cd is currently on my disk change. Again again!

Mallory Fielding said...

You are adorable! I love your sense of humor and way of looking at things. The only kind of corn dogs I eat are the soy kind that you get at Trader Joe's. Don't judge, they are delicious. I agree that trying something in a different setting with different people can make the ordinary something extraordinary.

Thank you for posting on my little blog. I look forward to following along on your blog and reading what you have to say!