Monday, August 29, 2011

these wild young hearts

[a tale from the life of me + this girl]

it started with this...

 C:  katilda!
what are you doing tonight?
 want to come float on my giant inflatable island on the lake and gaze at stars with me?
maybe find one to wish upon...

 me:  YES!!!!

and later, this...

 C:  i'm just hoping for one single shooting star to wish upon
maybe some fictitious fireflies

 me:  we can color our own if nature fails us

 C:  YES

 me:  put them on strings and just wave them around

 C:  i like it

and so...

 C:  ok my dearest it's a date, i'll meet you at your house about 6:30 then, ready for one summer night adventure with a floating island, us two hopeless hippies and the wide open lake and skies!

 me:  best. plans. ever.

and then...

there was a sunset drive out of town
and some french fries
and impeccable tunes
and toes out the window
and warm water
and an air mattress
and bare shoulders and swimming suits
and that feeling of summer
my heart was happy

did i mention it was a tuesday?
nothing like those reckless, weeknight adventures

[thanks, C]


Chantal said...

I love you. And I have a feeling I may need another adventure very soon, very soon indeed!

Katie said...

I love you both!!!

Chelsea said...

You went to SUU, too! Oh my! What a small world. Where are you now? And when did you graduate? I wonder if I ever say you on campus. You do look kind of familiar.

Also. You're cute. Your blog always makes me happy.

Noelle Chantal said...

Awww very cute post! I love little stories like this one! :)

Emma Frances said...

Sounds like the most perfect night! And the fact that it was a Tuesday makes it even better!