Thursday, August 11, 2011

it's my 1/2 birthday and i'll party if i want to

yes yes, today is my half birthday!
arriba arriba!
i plan to celebrate wholeheartedly [would halfheartedly be more appropriate?] and ridiculously and way-over-the-toply, as a half birthday truly deserves.

eep...i'm gonna be 25 soon!
oh...we'll get there later.


i'm doing all kinds of deliciously fun things today!

lunchy lunch with some boyz who promised me balloon animals
[ok, they didn't really promise any balloons. i just thought this might encourage them.]
[p.s. i seriously l-o-v-e going to lunch on workdays! oh how it brightens my day!]

then after work, feasting on some bruschetta and cucumber lemonade at this drool-worthy spot in central phoenix.

and then seeing a 10pm [10pm i said!] showing of an enchanting indie film which this girl discovered and i am absolutely tickled about.
oh  my!

it's things like over-the-top celebrations and staying out way too late on a weeknight that keep me young at heart, my friends.
and you bet your buttons my faithful little ticker is still [and likely always will be] very, very young.

here's the trailer for this oh-so-fab-looking flick:


Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Happy Birthdayyyy!!!!!!!! Sounds like it was fun and was that movie good?! I haven't heard of it! Anyways happy Sabbath!

Ashley Sloan

Emma Frances said...

Happy late half birthday!! We have the same half birthday :) Reading this post makes me wish I had celebrated mine this year! I will next year. And that movie looks amazing! I can't wait to see it!