Thursday, August 18, 2011

movies: i don't know, you tell me

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fact: sometimes it takes me like a decade to keep up with movies that everyone else has already seen

so given that i actually find time to watch a movie
and decide i have enough moneys to go see one
[and find people who haven't already seen all the cool movies without me...]

what should i see?

keep in mind that i choose to avoid:
lewd/crass humor
horror/slasher flicks
cartoons that will give my future offspring ADD just by virtue of my ovaries being in the theatre

with that said, here's what i've had my eye on...
your thoughts?
[aka stop me now if you think i'll be wasting my time and/or have my innocence marred by anything i see on the screen!]

and because i have a weakness for pre-teen cinema...

i'm beyond amped for this baseball + brad pitt treat to hit theatres
[there can never be too many sports movies, i say! mmmyesplease]


shirley elizabeth said...

Oh come see The Help with me and my friends this weekend. I saw an advanced showing of it a couple months ago and can tell you it is well worth it.

Don't see the green hornet. Mike and I got it on RedBox one night (I think I thought it was the green lantern) and it was horrible and crude.

I Am Number I guess it's worth at least watching. It wasn't a GREAT flick, but it was entertaining enough, if you're able to ignore all the inconsistencies.

Unknown said...

Captin America and beastly fit your criteria and I enjoyed them!

Myke said...

Stay away from Battle LA. Super 8 was great.

Jayme said...

I've heard good things about The Help. I fell asleep during I Am Number 4 so . . . haha Good Luck!

Kate said...

I saw Soul Surfer and I loved it! They don't shy away from showing how religion helped her overcome her obstacles. I highly recommend it.

Josh said...

I blogged about my excitement on Moneyball. I just finished reading the book as well ...

But, I hate any superhero movie. I think they are poorly written and EXTREMELY overrated. But, I loved Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Cowboys & Aliens.

I can't wait for Muppet Movie in November. That's true cinema. :)

Monica Christiansen said...

Oh please please please don't see I Am Number Four! It is one of those movies that is so bad its painful to watch. A few laughs... but mostly just awful.
I liked parts of limitless. A lot of it is VERY interesting and pretty cool. But it was also quite trashy at parts, and excessively gory violent. Would have rather not seen it.
I would think that captain america and jane eyre would be your best shots :) heard goos things about the first and how could you go wrong with the second??? :)

Tyson J Oliver said...

Katie, understand that I am the authority on this subject. All other opinions, though valid, are inferior to mine.

With that said-
Seriously, I cried when I saw it. It's absolutely wonderful. Like, Afton and I are wanting to see it again in the dollar theaters because we can't wait for it to be out on DVD.

And as far as your other choices go, the only ones worth seeing are:
Captain America, The Help, & Jane Eyre.

And of the ones you listed, Beastly is by faaaar the worst one.

The Ballard Family said...

I agree with some above - - Captain America was pretty dern good. And we actually had a post-viewing conversation about how it was surprisingly void of sex, profanity, etc. It was a pretty feel-good flick. If you can handle a little war-time action.
Which we all know I can't.
And yet I still liked it a lot.
I have been dying to see Super 8!!!
That's all.

dani said...

In order of what you should see...
1. The Help
2. Super 8
3. SoulSurfer
4. I am Number Four
723. Beastly

Hope that helps :)