Thursday, August 4, 2011

the green pantalones of destiny

[you are my density. anyone? like i could pass up that quote opp.]

remember when i went to the frisco bay a few months ago?
well, when this girl and i were doing some rainy-day V-day shopping
i happened across this store
selling these pants:

fact: i have a passion for green
and a passion for skinnies
but ... not a passion for spending 60 smackeroos
so i left those beautiful, beautiful trousers in SF
[along with a serious crush on a bearded boy i met at church.]
[wait, remind me why i don't live there?]

but you see ... the pants are on sale!
like, only-cost-16-bucks-now on sale!
[bearded boy...are you on sale?]

fact: Zara doesn't let you shop online
other fact: there isn't a Zara within a billion miles of Scottsdale
gnash teeth.

anyone live near one?
[cough. california. dallas. cough.]
wanna buy me some pants?
i can totally pay you back........

yes yes?
[i'm totally serious right now.]


Myke said...

There's one in Vegas too, I believe. They should've went on sale a week ago, I could've picked them up in NYC for you.

Monica Christiansen said...

I mean... my DESTINY.....

Also, I believe pants like that merit a vaca.

...also, I am typing this on my phone and "pants" came out as "panties" at first... shopping spree???