Wednesday, August 17, 2011

polaroid moments (2)

i think i've been stressing my dumbphone out lately with all my haphazard, superfluous picture taking.
it has started to exhibit some worrisome symptoms, including but not limited to:
blurred vision
manic episodes

...i'll google and diagnose it later.
for now, we'll focus on this week's crop of crappy, low-res photography.
i don't mess around, kids.

a letter from Belgium!! [courtesy of the first bestie discussed here]

let's be honest, i ate my weight in mike & ikes this week
[and am in love with this lemonade kind. mmm sourcandy.]

my baby sista got a feather in her hair!!
[i told you she's turning into me...]

nothing like 1am scrambled eggs on a crab plate.

getting good use out of my cleats fills my soul with utter delight.
i love you, frisbee. i just love you.

um...more of these...

this book contains some of the most beautiful quotes ever, and i was lucky enough to have it gifted to me from the lovely tiffany miller. [gee i just love her!]

discovered this on a public bookshelf, and regained hope for today's children.
[my copy of this book is yellow and the pages are all falling out. i've read it once a year since about age 7 or 8.]

either my roommate decorates cakes, or my fridge is housing imaginary Hook food.

grilled cheese & tuhmato on a pretty plate.
[another rung on my ladder toward someday...hopefully...liking tomatoes.]

every day during lunch, i get lost in this. i needed something simple and beautiful in my life.

my big brudder and his new bebe.
[for a boogerface he's a pretty good brother/dad.]

nothing says "Ping Pong Church Activity" like taking it too seriously and wearing war paint.

representin on my last night of church volleyball!

[i definitely look too small to be playing on this team.]
[and trust me, i was out of my league. i just tried to lay low while the others killed it.]

that's all, ninos!
if my phone doesn't go on life support, stay tuned for more...

[catch last week's pictures here]


Jayme said...

I love the Hook food! You should totally reenact that scene, video it, and post it to your blog for my enjoyment :)

The Ballard Family said...

Um. I second that motion in a big way.
That was my favorite part of this to our niece snuggling her daddy. That picture kills me. I love it.
And now I want grilled cheese with tomato. Or avocado like you made me that one time I visited you in Utah.