Tuesday, August 23, 2011

music: never wanna leave this bed

admittedly, i have mixed feelings about maroon 5

in their favor:
a lead singer with a voice like milk & honey
the fact that the lead guitarist's mom was my boss when i worked in the PR department at BYU
[he's the one with long hair ... i totally used to hear my boss in her cubicle saying things like, "honey your sister needs backstage passes to your vegas show," and "i can't believe coldplay stole all the grammies from you."]

not in their favor:
their songs tend to get a little monotonous

they won and they won big with their newest ditty

occasionally a song just wraps me around its finger and requires that i listen to it, obsessively, on repeat
maybe this song doesn't do it for you, but it does it for me

stunning, adam levine. simply stunning.

ok less talk more rock, i know i know...

1 comment:

Katie said...

I like it. Very catchy :)