Tuesday, August 30, 2011

if i had moneys, vs. 1

today we shall play a game in which i reveal the goods i would like to own, if mr. bank account didn't run such a tight ship
[who does he think he is, always bossing me around]
but, you know, it can't hurt to drool a bit...


plane tickets to salt lake for conference in october
[i weep at the thought of not going, kids]

a piano for my living room
[oh empty living room corner, how you taunt me!]

tickets to the blind pilot concert on oct. 3
[i just.....love them]

good to get that out of my system.
ima go buy a powerade slushie for exactly $1.09 to appease myself
 ima pay for it with spare change off the floor of my car, so mr. bank account doesn't even have to know about this little tryst of mine
[take that, sucka]


Katie said...

LLAMAS! I think that one is a necessity, not a want. Also, powerade slushies? Yesss. QT slushies? YESSSS.

Myke said...

I hope your bank account doesn't read your blog, I'd hate for him to find out about that slushie.

Jayme said...

um, I love that chair

Emma Frances said...

If I had money I would totally get a couch, a piano, and a new phone. A piano would be my top pick though. I've missed playing the piano since I moved off to college and got married and had to live in itty bitty places all the time.

Belle Armed said...

your blog is so cute!