Friday, August 5, 2011

bridesmaid round 11

because stopping at round 10 wasn't enough, was it?
one step closer to my own hollywood movie!
look out katherine heigl!

this wedding is particularly fun for me
because i've been sharing a room w/ the bride
for app. 1 yr, 2 months and 4 days
[you know, give or take a couple hours]
[and those 3 wks we were flooded out...]

[photo credit to the lovely ashtyn. highly recommended. tell her i sent you.]

i got to see this wedding go down from the first party they flirted at
to the night they ran away to get otter pops
to the night she sat on her bed and said "i think i like him..."
to the morning after their 4th or 5th date, when i jumped on her bed to wake her up yelling "DID HE KISS YOU??"
[you sooo want to be my roomie.]

and then there was the first "i love you"
and that phase they went thru where they ate chicken nuggets every night off the same plate
[i swear this happened more than once]
all the late nights of hearing them giggle on the couch until 3am
[totally PG, kids]
looking at engagement rings and wedding dresses online
planning the reception and whatnot
picking out outfits for engagement photos

oh bother, i'm getting all teary eyed.
[only the beginning of today's waterworks, i guarantee it!]

i'm seriously really stoked for these kids
it's obvious how much they are in love
i've loved watching all the small moments
like when she says she's hungry and goes to the kitchen
and he follows and offers to make her scrambled eggs
even though he's not even hungry

i sure do like them.

[ashtyn again. gee she's good.]

so today i'm rocking a really great outfit [pics to follow]
attending their sealing at this place
[we believe in the forever kind of wedding]
taking a lot of pics outside in arizona in august
[can you edit out sweaty armpits? i believe in you, photographer!]
then heading up to prescott [her hometown]
to dance my little hindparts off at their reception

because...what's a bridesmaid for?

oh, and don't you worry that we kicked off the festivities right...

[sparkling cider, kids...] 

[the goods to go w/ a pile of crepes. mmmm.] 

[doing what i do best at parties.] 

[totally got his elbow. yesssss.]


Celeste said...

You're such a good friend to those you come in contact with! No wonder you have been a bridesmaid 11 times. How fun to share in those memories with your roomies! Have fun at the wedding! I liked the Bachelorette Party... looks like an awesome time!

karajean said...

11 times?! Weddings are so fun- I'm almost jealous you've been in so many.