Monday, August 8, 2011

a tale of 10 tweets

probably one of the more epic friday nights i've had since this little situation.
so here it is,
as told to you by social media.
because that's how we do.

[the setting]
trip to prescott for this lady's reception

[the characters]
miss meghan (megawhale)
miss chantal (chantalion)
yours truly (K8Ehawkes)

[act 1: the wedding]

[act 2: the journey]

[act 3: the festivities]

[act 4: the plot twists]

[act 5: the conclusion]
[piled in the same bed back in phoenix]

and that, my friends, is a night in the life of us.

also, another photograph for your viewing pleasure:

...that's all.
[no i didn't wear those shoes to the wedding.]


Chantal said...

I think this is amusing to only us... :)

Emma Frances said...

You and your friends are quite funny :) And those most definitely were some quality tweets!