Monday, March 28, 2011

the 4 pinnacles of commercialism

so we've already discussed my propensity to laugh abundantly about certain things.

in reference to advertising, certain commercials just get me.

so off the top of my head ... 4 commercials that never fail to make me laugh.

1. this one is actually MIA. it involves jack-in-the-box, a plump fellow with curly hair, and a yellow jack hat. oh, and curly fries. key quote: "because i'm jack. because of the hat." if you actually remember this commercial OR can find it anywhere online, you've just earned about 10,000 cool points (and also validated the fact that mahoorah and i didn't imagine its existence. i swear we didn't.)

2. "it's delux, son. DELUX. it ain't that hard."

3. (interruption) "...berries and what else??"

4. "THEY GOT A PEPPER BAR." (note: if you ever, at any time, sing this line to me in the appropriate voice, i will likely a) collapse in a fit of chortle, and b) forever reserve you a place in my heart. that is all.)

p.s. i've watched the 4th one 3 times since embedding it like 4 minutes ago. cannot be resisted.


Mariah Grace said...

After searching for about 30mins looking for that commercial, AGAIN, I sent the Jack in the Box headquarters this little message:

Dear Jack in the Box Commercial Writers (or to whom it may concern),
First, I have always enjoyed the food at Jack in the Box--it is delicious.
Next, I have a baffling question that has been tormenting me for YEARS now. In about 2002, a commercial came out featuring a fat man with curly hair wearing Jack's hat. It was advertising switching curly fries for regular fries for free. He stated he was able to do this, "Cuz I'm Jack. Cuz the hat." Another man turned to him saying, "You're not Jack."
To this the curly-haired fat man replied (pulling a white envelope from his shirt pocket): "Then why'd they give me his paycheck?"
This has been a favorite commercial among my friends and I, but sadly it is nowhere to be found.
I have searched the internet tirelessly to see this beloved commercial again, yet with no avail.
Can someone please send me a link to this commercial so I can once again bask in its hilarity and wittiness?
Thank you for your time and concern,
Mariah Winslow

Ranteumptom said...

Amen to 3 and 4. I was sure Quiznos would take over the sandwich world when I saw that commercial, but evidently other people found it creepy.

You can see many other songs of the Quiznos variety at, but honestly, you won't like them. Other than this one maybe:

Wandering Justin said...

The Starbucks "Survivor" commercial always gets a grin out of me. Not sure I can drop that sort of HTML code in here ... but find it on YouTube. It's breathtaking!