Saturday, March 12, 2011


i've been in the kind of mood lately that makes me want to (attempt to) perform a cartwheel on a grassy lawn somewhere, execute a graceful heel-click and then raise my arms toward the sky and yell something unintelligible somewhere in the gray area between a chortle and a holla.

possible reasons:
the weather turning warrrrrmer
therefore, spring feverrrrr
spotting the easter pageant stage on the temple grounds
friends. family. all the usual goods.

i am positively glowing, my friends. i feel like the world is one big, adventurous oyster waiting to happen.

(and i'm giving a lot of credit to this list and this little adventure.)

(photo taken in Provo in '09 by my dearest aussie-talking porch-swinging mr. bagley)


Chantal said...

YAY! I'm hoping it's contagious?

Unknown said...

Aw yes, spring will make everything so much better! :) Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and for the advice on taking a cable car down Lombard. It's on the list! Have a happy weekend! -KateLainey

3P said...

Between a "chortle" and a "holla" is a YAWP.