Wednesday, March 23, 2011

tales of a working girl

i started a new job recently, remember? well, sometimes funny things happen.

the following e-mail chain occurred last week:

From Dining Room Manager:
"Today I was informed that our Amish group of volunteers will be leaving."

My Reply:
"I'm not aware that we had an Amish group. I'm only seeing Most Holy Trinity on the schedule -- I'm pretty sure they're Catholic. Are you sure they're Amish?"

Reply from Dining Room Manager:
"No, it’s an Amish group. It might be under the name of a gentleman named Elmer. I don’t have a last name."

i have no idea why this was so funny to me. maybe it was the ominous tone of the first e-mail. "the Amish will be leaving..." or maybe it's the fact that they were never on the schedule. where did the mysterious Amish group appear the middle of Phoenix...? in any case, apparently they left.


also, yesterday the following very amusing happenstances occurred before it was even 10am:

1. my boss said to keep an eye out for his next appointment ... with an individual named Snake. i kid you not. but oh it gets better, because a) Snake is a woman, and b) Snake is an OLD woman. conservatively dressed, to boot. i can only imagine the origin of such a nickname. i tried not to make eye contact...

2. a volunteer opted out of serving in the dining room because he has a self-admitted problem with picking his nose, and realized the kitchen might not be the most appropriate place for him. i will refrain from making any comments except, "at least he's courteous about it."

stay tuned for more stories sure to come.


Katie said...

ahahaha "I tried not to make eye contact..."

Wandering Justin said...

The Amish turn up in the craziest places. Sarah and I were getting a ride out to the Cayo District in Belize, and we spotted the very distinctive horse and buggy setup. We were like "no way!" The guy driving us said "uh-huh, yes way! Amish!"

Tough climate for running around in black all the time and sporting a great, big, bushy beard, lemme tell ya.

Katherine said...

omg hilarious...I love your blog <3