Monday, March 21, 2011

eez just ambiguous, really

early last summer, a certain boy and i spent a great deal of time at a certain drive-thru food establishment so i could get my fix of certain life-changing powerade slushies.

certain boy knew i hated it when my life-changing blue slushies were too watery. so as a joke one night, he had the following conversation with the hispanic-accented employee on the other end of the red button:

boy: "...and a blue powerade slushie. can we get that with less ice?"

(me in the background: "HEY...don't...")

accented employee: "...less ice?"

boy: "yeah, less ice in that one..."

(me hitting said boy on the arm: "stop it!")

(long pause)

accented employee: "...that's what a slushie eez..."

 (pic from blobtoblog)


fast forward a few months. out to eat at a mexican restaurant with new coworkers. random hispanic-accented server delivers bowls of soup to our table.

coworker: "hey, what kind of soup is this?"

(accented server shrugs dismissively.)

accented server: "ehhh...eez just soup, man..."


bon appetit, kids.


Katie said...

I very much appreciate this post.

e90x said...

The PowerAde Slush really IS life-changing. Good call.

Justin said...

Funny! I loved picturing your reaction in these situations. Been too long. Yes we have much to catch up on and yes I did get your text today and no I did not reply because I was planning on calling but then I had 5 meetings all in a row and am just now in the middle of my homework. Second wind just kicked in though. Anyway, I will call you sometime in the near future and we will catch up on life.

Love, Quozer