Friday, March 18, 2011

you might think this blog is about a sweater but it's actually about dating.

chemistry was never my forte.
story: i used to have my friend tutor me in chem my sophomore year of college. my professor scared the jelly beans outta me so i wasn't prone to raise my hand when i had questions. anyway, my tutor had this really awful ugly sweater he wore to a party once. so i wore that frumpy masterpiece to my final for good luck, hoping to channel my friend's scientific prowess.

it looked like this one. except much uglier and lumpier.

(found on the fashion police)

fact: i got an A in that stupid class. i also got 2 bonus points on a lab once because my TA appreciated that i habitually drew a little star next to my name. he said i obviously had confidence in myself and should be rewarded.

well, this blog was supposed to be about dating chemistry. but then i got carried away.

so i'll let y'all take on Part B.

your topic: dating chemistry, aka sparks -- always initial for you, or do you think that kind of thing can grow?

(i won't tell you what camp i'm in on this topic. i want your thoughts.)


Katie said...

I think it can be gradual, personally. I don't think the sparks always have to happen right away. P.S. I like that you used my last name in your post, however unintentionally.

demigod said...

I agree with Katie.

I think that sort of thing can develop, and doesn't always happen at the same time or in the same way for the parties involved.

Nichole said...

(I think attraction is something you notice right off...if not, there ain't gonna be no sparks!)

I think there needs to be at least a little spark in the beginning to gradually grow into some big sparks. There has to be some chemistry in the beginning, so that you want to keep coming back for more. If there isn't that little something in the beginning, nothing will come after it.

I hope you're asking this because you're experiencing something like this right now!

Hugo said...

Sparks and chemistry happen immediately... It is a waste of time to try and force something, in my opinion. We have so many options, no?

sadexcuse4amango said...

Perhaps this is different depending on the person? Based on the previous comments, it seems like the majority says sparks are immediate.

Personally, I have never experienced any immeadiate sparks of chemistry or attraction. I tend to grow into feels of attracted-ness once I`ve been friends with the guy for a while. I grow attracted to their personality more than to their physical appearance.

But I must say, I definitely agree with Hugo in one aspect-- It is a waste of time to try and force something. I have learned that the hard way. Multiple times. :p (I`m a little slow on the uptake, haha)

Now I am curious to hear what your ideas/experiences are :)