Tuesday, March 8, 2011

take me out to the crowd

don't even worry that multiple times during my incredible ragnar adventure i paused to proclaim to the people around me, "HAPPY BASEBALL SEASON!!"

it's true -- spring training started the same day that i embarked on el ragnar. 

let's put this simply: i. adore. baseball.
(remember my perfect day?)

this passion could be the result of many factors:

> hours spent sorting baseball cards with my big brudder
> the ability i had to name any city's pro team by the time i was like 8 (yeah, quiz me)
> going to d-backs games in my dad's company seats
> playing a few years of softball myself in elementary school
> countless outings to dbacks games with friends in high school
> a few really good dates to dbacks games (it's an automatic win for me)
> thawing out at spring training games during college while home visiting from the great frozen north

but all of this aside, i think it's something simpler: baseball is magic. it is your soul giving a happy sigh. it is nostalgia and the scent of dirt and grass. it is overpriced food and crowds of people and sandlot and summer and cutoffs and t-shirts and chucks and america and patriotism and fireworks and ... and ...

baseball has heart.
mine, in particular.

also, i adore this and want it for my wall: 

(see bigger version here)


Kristin said...

Where did you find that poster??? We are a baseball family. (To the point where all 6 kids wore their uniforms for a family picture one time and my parents both had coaches uniforms from different teams...gloves and bats and cleats abounded.) Cam's family is not so much baseball. It hurts my heart a little bit. O well! I need that poster in our playroom/game room! (No it doesn't exist yet...but it will!) Any ideas where I can buy it?


katilda said...

to kristin and anyone else interested, the map is from here: http://www.unitedcountriesofbaseball.com/ (available for desktop background download or on a tshirt, but no prints that can see. maybe you'll be better at looking.)

brittney1 said...

can we please go to a spring training game together when you feel better :)

The Ballard Family said...

We are the same. Guess it's 'cause we were raised in the same family. Baseball made it into the genes. I hope to pass it on to my kids. In fact, we sometimes play baseball for FHE. It looks nothing like the real game (with 5, 4, and 3 yr olds) but is super fun nonetheless. I look forward to many-a-game as a family in the future! With you and your chillins too, of course.
Okay, and you totally know that you could name all the pro baseball teams growing up because of Andrew's sheet set that had them all on there. that's how I can do it anyway. :)