Tuesday, March 15, 2011

must. own.

(from MySoti)

i once had a roommate who made a shirt that said "make out, not war." she was a bold one.


Sherri Romney said...

I like it.

The Ballard Family said...

Once when I was fresh out of high school, working for a large corporation with tons of older, single, good-looking guys, I tried to impress one of them by telling him I knew how to break dance after overhearing him talk about how cool he thought it was.
I don't remember how things went from there but I am pretty sure it involved a panicky call to my friend who was a hardcore dancer and coming up with random excuses for why I couldn't go hang out in his garage to teach him.
Oh the good ol days.

Wandering Justin said...

Both those shirts are pretty hysterical.

I would love, by the way, to execute just one break-dancing move. A big ol' white dude pulling off a headspin would be epic!

indeazgirl said...

I would wear your roommate's shirt in 2 seconds flat. And I don't think sparks grow. Flames grow bigger. Sparks can make fire. But the sparks have to be there first.