Tuesday, March 29, 2011

you're a human sparkler, you are

i once saw a glorious greeting card with that blog title in it.

i couldn't find it online.
(translation: i tried for about 2 seconds and gave up. but i promise to find it in real life.)

this one is kind of close...

...except it looks kinda like dandelions.

in any case.

i just want to say happy happy beeday to my darling room-roomie.

surriously. what would a bunk bed have ever been without you?

also, let's focus on the following pictures (attractive or...less so...)

thanks for understanding ... everything ... always.
luff you!

"you didn't look like you were...struggling..."


Katie said...

ahahaha "your mom" ahahaha. THANK YOU!!! :) luff you, khawkes.

p.s. we're pretty cool. obviously.

indeazgirl said...

It's a hallmark fresh ink card :-)