Thursday, March 24, 2011

bibbidy bobbidy to the mattresses

(pic from Disney Clip Art)

maybe it's unorthodox or whatever, but i totes* want my kids to have godparents.

i have too many friends that will all end up being fake aunties anyway. so why not just call 'em godparents and avoid confusing my poor ninos about who their actual relations are?

now accepting applications. quantity limit TBD. quality limit a little more stringent.

this one already qualified, as mentioned in the following facebook status:
i finally formally asked Kelsey Anne Hodgson to be my children's godfather. her response: "i'd be honored. i'm quite manly anyway. i'll teach 'em to fish, ask for directions, and horse whisper." ...i knew i picked wisely.
maybe i should actually watch this movie or something to further educate myself. shrug.

*totes: the hip way of saying totally. best used with "sitch" and "detes," e.g. "i totes need the detes on your sitch!"

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Mariah Grace said...

Did you see the episode of Cake Boss on TLC when Buddy draws names to see who gets to be his kid's God Parents? Pretty hilarious.