Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the laughter of...children...

fact: i tend to laugh at inappropriate times.

i also tend to have unexpected volume and variety to said laughter. (e.g. the squeaks. you can't predict those.)

second also, i often laugh at witty remarks/jokes about 4.7 sec (actual time still under examination) after most of the crowd has given their obligatory chuckle. i like to think this isn't because i'm slow ... i'm just giving the wit the full amount of processing it requires before a real, deserved chortle.

third also, i often find humor in things that, apparently, no one else does.

like that one time we watched a dramatic video about Safety in the Workplace and i giggled about the scene with barrels falling off a truck into a totally empty parking lot. i stifled the first giggle, but when they showed those oh-so-violent barrels again in slow-mo it just bubbled up out of me. (note: i was new on the job and no one else was laughing. what boring lives they must lead.)

and there was that other time in church when they announced the ham radio classes taking place in response to a high demand for this particular skill.

and i laughed. loudly. just me.

really guys. what isn't funny about ham radio classes being in high demand?

you know what else is funny? i spelled "ham" as "hamn" just now, and now i think i want to use it as a swear word from now on. HAMN.

and now here i am. laughing at my own typo and joke. you see what i mean?

...can we say it's endearing and not obnoxious?


Nichole said...

Okay...this is another reason why we are meant to be BFFs in Arizona someday soon. I do this all day long at work, too. Luckily there's a friend who will laugh with me (most days, sometimes she likes to tell me I'm 25 and immature for laughing...)

Seriously, I just laughed at all those scenarios. Empty barrels falling out of the truck? Oh man...I would have laughed with you. Ham Radio classes? Oh man...that is ridiculously hilarious. I can't believe they're teaching people to be forever dorks. Shouldn't they be teaching people how to make out in a singles ward? That's what I think.

I just had a vision/dream of if ("when"?) we move to AZ I may become very annoying to you and want to hang out with you all the time just to have someone to laugh with. I hope you'll be okay with that some of the time.

Willy in Chile said...

This picture reminds me how much I hate braces. I had a larger mouth than any Julia Roberts look-a-like.

Keep on laughing! (I made up the word chortle).

Safety Girl said...

I think it's more of an appropriate time, but I certainly laughed today. Thank you! I think i'll join you with the new word, but I might have to add a little. Your post was histerical HAMN IT! ;)

The Ballard Family said...

Hammit Katie, stop laughing inappropriately.