Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the feminine ideal: class vs. crass

oh hey girl hey.
and, boys.
and, choose-not-to-specifies.


work is still bizzy bizzy.

just popping in to tell you...
i'm blogging over at the huffington post today!
if you've seen that death of pretty article floating around, this may hit home for you.
it's about the dying tradition of being a lady.

here ya go:

you likey?
aw, shucks.
feel free to read my other huffs*.

oh, and here's a debatably relevant picture for good measure:

over and out and under and aside,

*as always, that is totally not a drug reference.

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Elisabeth Gee said...

Katilda, you rock. :) I totally agree! If you want a gentleman, then you've gotta be a lady. :)