Friday, January 13, 2012

red lips, cucumbers, scribbles & gollum

you know those times when you make a dinner consisting of several elements depending on whatever-the-eff you have roaming around in your cupboards?

this post is kind of like that.

potluck post.


new teeth call for new, red lips. i took the plunge.
i also think this angle looks like i'm taking a pic of my hair.
i was aiming for my lips, but whatevs...same region...

a post about my breakfast called for a follow-up pic of my lunchy mcluncherson.
cucumber & cream cheese, yo!

this is how i take notes when i interview clients.
actually, this is one of my more organized sets of notes.
i like to call it the "scribble & abbreviate" method.
started during my newspaper reporter days.
hey, people are still hiring me to write, sooo...

remember how i like defining the word verifications?
left the following comment on my mandysister's blog.
[click on that link to read more of my world-renowned definitions.]

feliz viernes,


Carlie said...

Cute red lips! Hurray for no more braces!

Emma Frances said...

Love the red lips and your lunch looks delicious! I need me some cream cheese now! Also, your word verification definitions are pretty much the funniest things ever!!

Myke said...

A while ago I started writing down word verifications with the intent of creating a blog of made up definitions. But I never got around to it.