Monday, January 16, 2012

macchio monday & jane fonda fingers

no, macchio isn't a type of coffee.
[well, i think anyways...]

the point is,
it will be a busy work week.
so i kicked off monday by wearing my lucky shirt:
[thanks to my bonniesister!]

i believe in setting myself up for success.

and my coworker said his fingers were tired....
so i found these little gems on youtube.

they are quite delightful.
also, i wish i spoke asian so i could get the full experience.
but go won't regret it.


mrs. dtf said...

that shirt is hilarious. thanks for stopping by my blog-- i've never seen emma! am i totally missing out? oh, & i've been meaning to ask you, how is that pink sequin skirt working out for you? magically?

mrs. dtf

Harley said...

hahahahhaha. i just laughed really hard.