Friday, January 27, 2012

running report: halfway there

this weekend is my one-year anniversary of my first 1/2 marty!
i was supposed to run my second one tomorrow....
but i had to adjust my goals, remember?

so instead,
tomorrow i will run a 10K.

and then i will wait at the finish line for this girl to finish her first 1/2 marty.
i am sooo proud of her!

i wish it could be me again.

but, it will be.
just gotta be patient.


dear 10K,
you are not exactly all i wanted,
but maybe you are exactly what i needed right now.
because even though i'm not as far as i was last year,
i'm still 6.2 miles farther than i was the year before that.
and i think,
that is something.

love and ambition and carb-loading,


Emma Frances said...

GOOD LUCK! :] You'll get to that 1/2 marathon and we'll all cheer you on! And we'll be cheering you on tomorrow as well! You're awesome!

:: ashley :: said...

ok, I am SO happy you are my newest follower! seriously- I only looked at your blog for like 30 seconds and already saw 12 things I love- the anais nin quote, the running memoirs, the huffington post- lets be blog friends ;)

mrs. dtf said...

6.2 miles is a lot better than the 0 miles i run every day ha! &thanks for visiting the blog :) i have ALWAYS loved february {&valentine's day!} single or not.

mrs. dtf

p.s. can't wait to hear how your 10k went!