Thursday, January 19, 2012

16,513 emails in 2011

i did something wicked cool....
i had my email analyzed for 2011.

love the info, adore the sleek site design,
think everyone should do this.

most notable thing i learned:
for the top 10 people i emailed, the first 3 are all the same person.
my bestie's 3 separate email accounts.
i've never been sure why she has 3 email accounts,
and what's more, i'm not sure why i email all of them.
but let's be honest...
that. is. huh. larious.
and, not surprising, actually...

anyway, on to the goods...

facebook clearly polluted the last two graphics.

apparently the most exciting moments of my life happen at 1pm.
...on tuesdays. march.

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