Tuesday, January 31, 2012

running report: 10K in 58:02

i have done it!

10K goal: under 1 hour
Actual time: 58:02
Pace: 9:21
[10K = 6.2 miles, if you're not metric-minded.]


i knew i was on pace to scrape it in under an hour,
but with half a mile to go i still had a ton of juice left in me
so i ran my little heart out!

and can i just say?
it felt uh-may-zing.

i love the electricity of the starting line.
there's a special camaraderie when you're with hundreds of other runners with numbers pinned to their shirts.

it's like,
we don't know each other's stories...
but then again,
we kind of do.

oh and my girl C, she rocked the 13.1 like a champ!

next up for me?

and then?
still gunnin' for another half marty.

run run run & gingerbread man,

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