Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 roses, 2 ex's, 1 valentine

let's talk about the fact that...
this 4-yr-old goober showed up at my office yesterday 
with roses,
 a pink stuffed monkey, 
and a buzz lightyear valentine. 

apparently i beat out all the preschool girls for his affections. 
oh, and he was rocking track pants...
...with one leg tucked in to his toy story boots. 

this kid is a winner.

in other news,
two ex-boyfriends called me last night,
within about 5 min of each other,
to ask me a question/favor.
[though one was really more of an unboyfriend, if we're being technical]

i guess you could say my valentine's day was unpredictable,
but i suppose that's better than uneventful!

feeling the love or at least the attention,

1 comment:

The Ballard Family said...

I am glad the roses outweighed the ex's. :) And Ben felt so cool bringing you, a pretty lady, flowers and a valentine. Extra cool for being your nephew and all. Glad it was an...eventful valentines. :)