Wednesday, February 1, 2012

music: ingrid michaelson: human again


my girl ingrid up and done made herself a new album.
i done obsessively listened to every song 3x yesterday afternoon.

my thoughts?

+ her lyrics are stunning as ever
+ her voice is stunning as well, that's an inarguable fact
+ i fell in immediate committed love with 2-3 of the songs
+ i wrinkled my nose at 2-3 other songs
+ i fully expect the remaining songs to grow on me
[so, it was a pretty normal reaction to a new album for me.]

ingrid tried some new things with this album.
about half of the songs are her normal style,
and the other half kick the edge up a notch.

here's some key tracks i'm diggin:

do it up katie style and be sure to read along with the lyrics while listening to the songs.
any other method is really just inappropriate.

headphones and PBJ,

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Kate Fridkis said...

I'm listening to "This is War" good! Thanks for pointing these out!!