Monday, February 27, 2012

all the single fellas, all the single fellas

and...anyone who knows single men... 
my girl chantal is embarking on a dating adventure.

for the record,
i love this girl more than i love fudgsicles, french fries, or even the crappy old moccasins i wear every day.
(trust me, that's a lot of love right there) 

just her out! 
Watch her ADORABLE VIDEO and get a big fat crush on her and stuff. 
who knows? could work out for you ♥ 
if anything, you'll get a fabulous evening,
 with a lovely lady,
 with eccentric British quirks,
and (if you're lucky) much laughter with a side of one very adorable snort.

so fellas, sign up!
(would help if you're in AZ or willing to come to AZ)

matchmaker matchmaker,


Annie Citrine said...

I love this! And I might just be brave enough to try it in a couple months. Haha

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Okay hello, LOVE THIS! And member THIS post I did about my brother in law??? Do I hear wedding bellzzzz?