Friday, February 17, 2012

rolling in the photoshop?

congrats to adele for making the cover of vogue,

i'm pretty sure this looks nothing like her.

hollow cheek bones?
airbrush, anyone?

pretty sure she's all about advocating for the beauty of fuller-figured women.

gotta be honest adele,
but the only thing that looks full-figured in this photo is ya' chest.

not exactly the message i thought you were aiming for.
personally, i think you're much prettier sans the thick layer of adobe suite.

just sayin,


Ash said...

I'm at a loss for words. I can't believe how much they altered her appearance.

Katie said...

Yeah, um, wow. I definitely agree with you there.

Annie Citrine said...


Elisabeth Gee said...

So sad..tragic, really.

Elizabeth said...

She has definitely lost weight since her surgery, but not THAT much... I thought she looked much better at the Grammys than in the Vogue Cover.

karajean said...

To be fair, I'm sure she had NOTHING to do with the photoshop work. It is a shame though.