Monday, February 20, 2012

little pieces


this picture:

these words:

there's just this sense that that chapter is closing. and i should be down on my knees giving thanks for that and i am, dear heaven above, i am. it was an impossible time. and i would never go back--could never go back. and i've been coming out of it for a good long while now and i just... holy hell, there are no words for this. and even if there were, perhaps they are not mine. too sacred to share, somehow. i can't say that this next chapter will be any easier. and i sure as heck don't know what it holds, everything still feels murky and dark and totally unknown, but suddenly there is a forward motion that wasn't there before. and the only way to move on is to let go of what was. - the brunette bombshell

and this song:

and a happy monday to you,


Celeste said...

meg always says it, doesn't she?

Chantal said...

this was delightful to read... and inspiring. you make me happy and proud.