Monday, February 13, 2012

the undating phenomenon

unbirthday: "an event that can be celebrated on any day that is not the person's birthday."

undating: "a relationship that appears like unto one of romantic significance that is not actually an official relationship."

kids, i've been making some field observations. i've had it happen to me. i've seen it happen to my friends.

guys and girls alike, yo.
not putting a gender label on this one.


let's break it down.
you  might be undating if...

1. you spend excessive amounts of time w/ a member of the opposite sex

2. you have more-than-friends feelings for said person

3. he/she is your go-to wingman/woman for parties, +1 events, etc.

4. he/she is your go-to listening ear when you need advice, when your day goes wrong, when your day goes right, when you need french fries at 2am, etc.

5. constant communication exists in the form of texts, emails, calls, etc.

6. you regularly have to convince people that you are a) not dating said person, and b) fine with that.

7. you realize how silly it sounds every time you do said convincing

8. if/when your undating partner becomes involved in an outside relationship, you feel like you're going through a breakup without actually having an official relationship to break

9. you are keenly aware of the absurdity of the situation, and yet, there's always that hope you hang on to, because [insert justifications and compelling evidence]

if you checked yes on 2 or more of the above,
you, my friend, may just be in an undating situation.

funny how some of the elements sound almost exactly like real dating...

thoughts? been there?



Elisabeth Gee said...

LOVE this!!! SOOO true!! I just wrote a post about how to impress a girl. :) ha! We're on the same track here, girl! :) :)

Alexis Kaye said...

you are hilarious! I myself had my fair share of undating! haha

Chantal said...

Guilty as charged! But no more, no more I tell you!

Julia Jones said...

I like being the undater better.

Micah Castro said...

There are at least 300 romantic comedies based off undating.

Zack Oates said...

You need to do a guest post on my blog. you are hilarious. love it!!