Monday, February 6, 2012

wombats. chuck norris. wendy peffercorn.

gotta be honest,
my bestie and i,
we are a couple-a-nutcases now and again.
....mostly again.
and now.

anyway. read on.

skypechattersations as of late...

disney channel original wombats
me: i am a new wommman
not to be confused with wombat 
 which i almost wanted to spell
she: if you were a wombat - that would be new as well
me: i'm not telling
she: hahaha your wombat lips are sealed
me: isn't that a disney channel song?
minus the wombats
well wait
it's an 80s song
ally and aj covered it maybe
i think they also made a movie about a dairy farm
she: you've lost me
me: yeah i lost myself somewhere in there too


not a drug reference
me: i'm listening to mae
takes me back to high school
high escuela
no, that sounds like a drug reference
spanglish tricked me
the language, not the adam sandler movie
she: the adam sandler movie is tricksy too
along with wombats
me: i knew it.


chuck norris tramp stamp
she: my internet is sucking
me: kick it in the estomago
she: it keeps going in and out
me: make it in and stay in. like a proper belly button.
she: haha well that's my new life quote.
me: trrramp stamp
i've got it. get a tramp stamp of chuck norris' face and add any good quotes as his beard. infinite room for growth! except make him upside down so the beard has more room to expand without being inappropriate.
...unless of course they invent 3D tats.
...except then you'd have a tail.
she: a chuck norris tail. one tail to rule them all.
me: i just had a vision of the beaver from narnia. aslan is merely his puppet.
she: it just all makes sense now. it's all comin' together. panacea.
me: um...pangaea, maybe?
she: i've heard it both ways


sliding down the fire pole
me: i want to slide down a fire pole on my birthday
i googled "how to slide down a fire pole" so i could be good at it
i don't want to be that girl that a) hangs on for dear life at the top, b) scoots down and gets handburn, or c) falls too fast and jams my ankles
this is important!
she: i have the same exact fears!
me: i knew you would understand!
she: i've always admired dan akroyd for how well he slides down fire poles


infectious fail
she: as soon as i see someone cry, i cry
me: it's kind of like vomiting, in that sense
she: and yawning
me: and...
she: peeing your pants?
me: smallpox?


and for good measure....

me: why isn't my skype working?
for the love of wendy peffercorn, BREATHE!!


every summer of my adult life,

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Unknown said...

Psych reference FTW. Also, I'm a social crier dos. But not a social pants-peeer thank goodness.