Thursday, March 1, 2012

epic detention slips

i already confessed to being sent to detention.

but, oh, how i wish i had been sent for something this epic.

love these funny detention slips...
quite possibly the one about the cat did me in.

i'm not sure if i could ever get mad at my kid for pulling one of these stunts.
but i'll worry about los ninos when they actually exist!
for now, i laugh openly.

come at me bro.


Erin said...

Do you want to add the time that I gave a student a referral for calling three girls "punk a@#" at recess?

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

I would just laugh with my students if they did this.
...and that's why I'm such a good teacher.

Myke said...

I think this is why I can't be responsible for children, I would be too inclined to laugh and join in.

Emily said...

I loved all of these. Distracting classmates with cat pictures - SO GREAT!!