Tuesday, March 6, 2012

got me hairs did

in high school, i was a hair-dying junkie.
i blame having a beauty-schooled older sister for this habit.
um, addiction?

in any case,
i haven't done much by way of dye in the last few years.
mostly because i was a poor college student, and then a poor nonprofit employee, and i could only afford cheap dye from the grocery store, and well, results were always a bit questionable.
also i went through a phase in college where i cut my own hair.
looking back, let me tell you...it wasn't pretty.

but on saturday night,
the MustChangeMyHair bug bit me somethin' fierce.

you see, my hair...
it is longer than it's ever been.
which i love.
but it was also becoming quite drab.
and flat.
and splitty-endy.
and i don't want to be one of those girls that has long hair just for the sake of having long hair, else-wise one of you might sign me up to meet the oprah one of these days.

then again, i would very much like to meet the oprah.

in any case,
i hopped in my car after work and headed down the road to the nearest salon, at which point i decided to take a before picture of my tresses:

at which point i freaked out.

note to self: never take a before picture on a day when your hair is actually having a good day.
you might become emotionally attached.
then you'll have to remind yourself of all the preceding weeks where it did not, in fact, look quite so good.
then you'll have to explain to the people walking by your car why you are talking to yourself and weeping and gnashing your teeth.

yes don't let that picture fool you.
my hair's behavior has been very inappropriate as of late.

this is more than you ever wanted to read about my hair.
this is probably more than i ever wanted to write about my hair, for that matter.

but, i give you,
my after hair!

i think it is lovely!
and it has that delicious freshly-dyed hair smell and softness.

happy to report that no residual emotional trauma has manifested itself.

i'm a survivor,

i took these pictures in 2 completely different lightings.
i didn't actually turn yellow at the salon.


Annie Citrine said...

Love it! You're a babe. And I'm incredibly jealous of your long hair!

Kristin said...

gorgeous, as always. :)

Katie said...

ahh i love it! where did you go to get it done?

Alexis Kaye said...

haha it looks awesome!

Chantel said...

You are beautiful!! I love your big eyes!