Wednesday, March 21, 2012

meet the fam!

blog world, meet mi familia.
mi familia, meet blog world.

i am confident you will be the best of friends!
best friends, i say!

these lovely fotografias are from back yonder on new year's eve,
as evidenced by the fact that i still have that blessed metal mouth.

but brace face or no brace face,
i think these are totes adorbs.

we should also note that, immediately following picture time, my brother started shooting me with the plastic bow and arrow set i gifted him for christmas.
it's about what i expected when i gave it to him, yo!
it ain't this little sister's first rodeo.

"dr marvin! is that the fam?!"

*all photos via kara barratt photography*


Kylie said...

Your family is beautiful! You all have such great smiles :)

Emma Frances said...

What an awesome family you have! And I love that your brother started shooting you right after this. Haha. Good family fun! These pictures are great!

Jeff Kinsel said...

When ever someone says totes adorbs, I shudder. I shudder because everytime those words are said, a baby monkey has a heart attack. I feel that loss to the world. It's kind of like Beetlejuice. Dang made me say it at the beginning.

You are a monster.

katilda said...

...what if there is a surplus of monkeys in this cruel world, and i am doing one a favor via population control? (besides, how does "i don't really talk like this in real life and say it mostly out of facetiousness" factor into this equation?)