Thursday, March 8, 2012

when to take other people's advice and when to ignore it ▲

here's a rule of thumb i've had rolling in my head lately:

only take advice from someone who you want to be like.


i enjoy this idea.

people will dish a lot of advice,
but you gotta ask yourself...

did so-and-so tell me how to handle my dating life?
do i want so-and-so's dating life?
ignore it.

did what's-their-face tell me how to be successful in my career?
do i want to be the same type of professional as what's-their-face?
then roll with it.


so whatever it is,
dating, marriage, careering, parenting...

only take advice from someone who you want to be like.

ask yourself,
do i want their life?
do i want to be the same kind of person they are?

if you don't, wrap their words around a grain of salt and let 'em go.
then find people you admire and ask for their advice instead.

what think ye?



Katie said...

am i to understand that you would ask the people whose pictures are on this post for advice? i certainly would :) and i love this post, because you are wise beyond your years. always.

Annie Citrine said...

Agreed. Which is why I have no idea why woke come to me for advice!

Myke said...

I'd take advice from Atticus any day.

Alexis Kaye said...

Fer reals. When I got engaged I had so many people give me relationship advice. No offense to them, but I didn't want to emulate their relationships haha