Thursday, March 29, 2012

katilda closet party: 101 dalmatians

last night i witnessed a couple's first kiss.
they came into the shaved ice place and were doing that whole "we're new to holding hands" body language thing...
...and then they were out by her car doing that whole "hugging with her arms up around his neck but they're barely making eye contact" thing...
...and then he done gone and kissed her on the mouth!
one quick kiss and then he opened her car door for her...
...and then she lingered.
and well, i think broski was feeling emboldened enough to have a go at round 2.

oh the things you see at the shaved ice place on a wednesday night!

and nooowwww....101 dalmatians outfits!

mwah, rockin' those polka dots

miss kelsey, at kelsey anne design

miss harley, at harley & jane

still 2 days to join in!
check out thursday's and friday's themes here.

we'll have a dalmatian plantation,


Emma Frances said...

Bah! I really need to get on this! I just am so tired in the mornings so I completely forget! Gah! I do love your outfit and that first kiss story is pretty awesome. So cute! :]

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Ha ha ha I LOVE this! First kisses are so awkward for everyone involved except for the couple kissing. They are in la la land. HA!