Wednesday, December 1, 2010

effective family communication

[recommended music: anything christmas. there are a few selections at the bottom of el playlist. just run with it.]

location: the chamber of secrets (and by that i mean ... my room.)

what i see: my violin (yes my violin. a definite post for another day)

i don't have anything really excellent to say. mostly just a random picture i found on my phone that i wanted to share ...

because it really exemplifies a lot about me and the beloved gaggle of people i call family.

left the following note for mi papa at his office whilst dropping off some money for my baby sister:

translation if it's too fuzzy to read:
Papanwa, You are hiding from me. here's Laura's filthy money. I'm taking the cat & moving to Mexico. Katie

yeah, i got a degree in this whole family relations thing.

obvious, isn't it?

it's not just me. my mama wrote "i'm thankful for family" on the chalkboard in her kitchen on thanksgiving. within minutes, someone had added the word "conflict" at the bottom ... which later got changed to "conflictions." (this actually happens anytime anyone writes anything on the chalkboard. it gets lovingly edited.)

we're a funny bunch. i'm thankful for our "conflictions" too, whatever those are.

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The Ballard Family said...

Definitely a favorite.
I love our family.
It also astounds me that my kids are old enough now to make silly faces for the silly face picture. All of them! This makes me feel incredibly old. Where are the babies sucking on their fists and staring into the distance in every family picture??? Where did they go??