Monday, December 27, 2010

here we go a-satcheling

[musica: #191, "rollerblades" by eliza doolittle. everything about it is delightful.]

it might be all this running (that's totally illogical), but i must not know my own strength lately.

case in point...
within 2 ominous weeks in november, i ripped the handles off each of the following:
a. suitcase
b. laptop case
c. grown-up purse

i'll skip posting a pic of my biceps, just to spare you the plague of jealousy that would ensue.

the point is, my high-school and college purse collection primarily includes turquoise and corduroy and that one fabulous sequined thing ... not exactly suitable for this grown-up facade i'm still working on.

so thanks to a more-than-generous coupon ... and thanks to some christmas moneys from my lovely parentals ... this little treasure is going to show up in my mailbox any day now, courtesy of DownEast Outfitters.

see you soon, new friend!

i next aim to own a gray/silver number. preferably with a large bow. turns out i love oversized bows as much as i do gargantuous buttons. (i really thought gargantuous was a word, but there's that conflabbit red squiggle. maybe i'm misspelling it. i just threw in conflabbit for good measure.)

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The Ballard Family said...

The only good thing about being behind on your blog posts is that I know that you did end up getting that silver purse with a bow. Rejoice!
I love purses. What is it about purses? They bring happiness.