Sunday, December 26, 2010

and to all a good night

[musica: #153, "have yourself a merry little christmas" by mr. sinatra. because let's prolong the season just this much longer.]

despite the evidence of the following photos, my entire family was present for christmas celebrations. these just happened to be taken while the other ones were runned off w/ their in-laws and/or sick chilluns.

but consider this a representative sample. a very merry christmas it was...

that last picture is my favorite. ever. it captured my papa making me laugh. which is my favorite. ever.

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The Ballard Family said...

...what happened up there?...
These pictures just might be some of my favorite. Ever. In my life. I want to hang them on my wall. I miss Christmases at "home" but I love taking pictures of my own kids being goofy together. :) So, new home. But, someday, all us sisters shall live together in our old age and wear onesie pj's on Christmas. With cats.