Saturday, December 11, 2010

rogue textersation

what happens when i text larzy on a saturday afternoon
(guest appearance by miss kelsey)

she: what in the...i have no idea where those crazy smiley faces came phone is posessed.
i: umm...i didn't get any crazy smiley faces.
she: weirdy...the message popped up after i sent it, and there were like 7 emoticons with sunglasses and funky expressions. i was a bit bewildered.
i: ahaha let's blame kelsey
she: kelsey and rogue unicorns
i: kelsey = rogue unicorns
she: rogue unicorns = love of hot dogs, banjo hips, and puppies?
i: i think we just solved the space-time continuum
i: i hope this means pluto gets to be a planet again
she: we may have to bribe the Deciding if Something is Actually a Planet Committee with fruit snacks for that one...but i think Pluto's got a fighting chance.
i: Snack Packs for Interplanetary Acceptance! SPIA. Pronounced Caspian. There's a few silent/invisible letters in there.

my only question: banjo hips??


Jael said...

there are really no words for this. All I really wanted to do was 'like' it.

The Ballard Family said...

I love you and your friends. Hilarious.