Monday, October 11, 2010

we didn't start the fire

so ...

remember how the huffington post published a couple of my blogs? remember how they were about things like britney spears and wizards?

... i decided to write a REAL blog.

24 hours later = front page = 1100+ comments = people talking about me on twitter = feeling a little overwhelmed. but good overwhelmed.

i think i started a riot.

check it out:

The Burqa Ban: Another Misguided Step Toward So-Called Equality

note: don't read the comments if you're going to be upset by people insulting me. it's really not fazing me, because a) i appreciate their input, b) everyone's entitled to their own opinions, and c) i still stand by everything i said. so people can ream my religion/standards/alma mater all they want.

my dislike for conflict and controversy aside, when i really believe in something (e.g. my religion, motherhood, parenting, etc.) it turns out i'm pretty good at having a thick skin about it.

plus, things like the following note make the 900+ naysayers all worth it. thank you to Anila, the kind stranger with the encouraging words:

Hi Katie,

Just read your article about the burqa ban and wanted to give you two thumbs up :)! As a Muslim woman who covers, I know the irritating feeling of someone 'oppressing' me by banning what I FEEL is right. I hope more people can open their eyes and minds to see that Islam is NOT an oppressive religion towards women, and that those women who truly engage in practicing Islam and covering up, they do it themselves. Thanks once again and hope to read more eye-opening articles from you.

Take care,
Anila H.

i just love that. makes being a right-wing zealot and a narrow-minded BYU alumna with 1950s values worth it, eh?

funny that i've never considered having 1950s values a negative thing. i almost wanted to be snarky and thank that commenter for the compliment.

don't worry, Part II of my epic roadtrip blog will show up soon. as soon as i get the pictures from my camera to my computer. which is easier said than done.


Sherri Romney said...

Again, I loved your article and I read 5 pages of the comments before I quit to finish moving into my new house. Love you

KP said...


go katie go katie!
i love love love your article.
you're an awesome writer and know what you're talkin about.

i love you!! so proud to call you my friend.
seriously, way to go. love the article.

Adam and Emily said...

I thought it was an excellent article! And I think that an example of a great writer is someone who can evoke emotion in someone else. Whatever emotion that is. So keep up the good work!

Willy in Chile said...

Enough about this article... talk to me about this Buffalo Ranch Doritos??

Ok, seriously though. Your article was nothing short of amazing. As are you. And the comment left by your new Muslim friend was a perfect summation to the article. Loved it.

Mike said...

Haha awesome, glad to know there are a few other "young people" who haven't jumped off the deep end where freedom means anarchy and forcing your idea of freedom on others. Also nice to see some support for all the wonderful women who make the choice to be stay-at-home wives and mothers. Keep it up!